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Enterprise culture is the concept of value of enterprise which believes and puts into practice as well as the enterprise’s "soul of the Legislative Council." Corporate culture reflects a hidden within the mainstream of corporate values, attitudes and ways of doing things. So corporate culture can produce cohesion in company.

The spirit of enterprise

Unity, innovation and excellence, leading.


Focus on building professional excellence.

Brand concept

Original designs in my first, integrate Chinese and Western art at home.

Innovation leads the trend of furniture, create a national brand of excellence.

Human mechanism

With target selection, with the cause of encouraging people to share with people retain.

The staff code of conduct

Obeys regulation, mutual respect, look for practice, dedication.

Cultural shape

To build a modern aesthetic characteristics of the international "aesthetic" culture of corporate brand.

Service values

Intention to concentrate on, sincerity, patience, better than customers expect!

Corporate creed

Only corporate interests above everything else, we have the cause of development and growth; only the development and growth of enterprises, we have the personal satisfaction and enrichment, it should unite all the staff, sincere cooperation for social and corporate interests and work hard!

Enterprise Vision

For the country and the world love life of people with stylish and comfortable home life supplies, furniture so that people have a better understanding of culture and experience, thus contributing to world culture.